Saturday, April 28, 2018

Getting My Mecha On Tonight: Super Robot Wars X

Super Robot Wars X released in English two days ago. Hype glands engaged.

Tonight I expect to see it streamed live by Zengar of the Metro City Boys. I know he got it in the mail, so I'm confident that this will happen.

I also expect it to get talked about tomorrow night during the Metro City Boys podcast. As for tonight, if Zengar doesn't stream on his own channel, then it'll be at the MCB channel (and in this case, I think using the podcast channel is the better option).

And since I just happen to be writing fantastic stories featuring action, romance, and Giant Robot Combat as part of #AGundamForUs, I'll be happily taking notes as the game goes on regarding how the game mashes up all the source material to produce a coherent and entertaining narrative that satisfies the audience. (And yes, lots and lots of recycled animation and catchphrases, as this is a wargame series at its heart.)

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