Thursday, February 8, 2018

Watch Game Design Happen Live: The Battle For Azeroth Alpha

It has begun!

The next cycle of public testing for a World of Warcraft expansion is on, with prominent streamers and YouTube users being among the cohort of players flagged for access at this time. Several of my regulars are on that list, either for having a big audience or for being a friend or family of a Blizzard employee.

If you're into game design, even if you don't care for the game, this is a good time to lurk and watch things happen live. You'll see a process in action, both the theory and the practice, as the dev team gets on paper and walks it in to the bullseye with each successive patch of the Alpha/Beta client.

And yes, there's more going on than just folks with Twitch and YouTube accounts playing the Alpha build. I'll revisit this over the course of the months before Battle For Azeroth goes live, but for now I'm going to embed a video by Bellular; he's a hell of a prolific WOW video producer who's also professionally concerned as game design is his career, so there's less shitposting and more useful commentary going on here.

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