Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Razorfist: Iron Maiden Metal Mythos Redux

The Eloquence of Elocution re-uploaded this Metal Mythos episode due to UK copyright fuckery. Still worth watching.

The thing you should take away from any competent review of this band's career is how they adapted to the Internet Age. Rather than futilely fighting piracy, they decided to use it to their benefit; pay attention to how Maiden decides where to tour and when- piracy is how they determine that. (Easier to do when your lead singer is a pilot with his own jet.)

Which is something else a lot of people who want to pay bills with music need to accept as reality: Music is Business. You want to do it as a sideline or hobby? Fine. You want to do it as a living? Learn To Business. Maiden's aforementioned adaptation to changing conditions is part-and-parcel to dealing with the reality that is being an entertainer, and everyone else who seeks to entertain and get paid for it had better recognize that they too need to do just that.

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  1. Bradford
    Here a link that reinforces your point

    And here's the gold standard quote that EVERY content creator should put up in stone
    Cliff Guren put it succinctly in a March post: “The battle isn’t print vs. digital—it’s reading for pleasure vs. all the other forms of entertainment that now compete for our attention at home and on our mobile devices.”



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