Friday, February 9, 2018

The World Class Bullshitters Superbowl Special

It's Friday. Punt Rebecca Black to the curb and get with the World Class Bullshitters instead, because they're back with Episode 109 of their podcast and they're going to talk about the Solo trailer. (Starts at 32 minutes in, but it's worth the time to get there.)

You should expect them to do a rundown on Mouse Wars being crap by now, and you will get it, but take note of the tone: "These are movies we don't need." is the note they hammer here, as they have all along, combined with noting how the problems in production show up on the screen with how cheap and fake it seems doesn't give anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together any confidence for this film being anything but utter shit. Yes, we're seeing the Mouse Empire write this one off; they know it's shit, so they're doing the bare minimum required before they drop it like a wet sack of shit and wash their hands of it.

Now compare their lack of interest (mixed with disappointment) with Solo, and contrast that with how they regard the TV spot for Infinity War. The tone shifts to something more appreciative and hopeful, tinged with concern for Black Panther being unduly influential on the former film. (On the note about Wakanda being too present in the former film, that's a likely thing for one good reason: reduced production costs by shooting Infinity War scenes while Black Panther is either shooting or re-shooting.)

I share the crew's concern on Marvel Studios not being a thing ten years hence. The TV side of the MCU is already utter shit, thanks to the previous dick-measuring contests between Feige and Perlmuter, a pissing contest that took the Netflix subset into shit as a consequence; the consequence is that the TV shows are disowned from the real MCU continuity (the feature films) so they have no impact at all (destroying the original "it's all connected" plan as a result). The post-Infinity films show all the worrisome signs that afflicted the TV side as well other satrapies of the Mouse Empire (e.g. Mouse Wars).

So sit down, crack open a cold one with the boys, and listen to the crew have a good time. Soon you will too. Then, if you haven't already, subscribe to their channels on YouTube and Twitch. These guys are the ones to watch.

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