Friday, January 19, 2018

New World Class Bullshitters & Midnight's Edge After Dark

The World Class Bullshitters and the Midnight's Edge crew dropped new episodes late last night. Since there is nothing good on television on Fridays anymore, queue these up and enjoy some entertainment business podcasting instead of a vain quest for Prime Time TV that isn't a pile of horseshit.

The Solo movie's due in four months, there is still no trailer, and we're just now getting a plot synopsis? Red Alert! Danger, Will Robinson! This movie's a dumpster fire, and you're going to be better off keeping your wallet closed for this one; wait for some fool to upload it and stream their cam rip instead, assuming you need to see it that soon (or at all). If you're a stakeholder in either Disney or Lucasfilm, and you're not calling up both your lawyers as well as Blackwater (or whoever they are this week) to see what their rates are for Executive Sanction actions are, you're doing it wrong. Culty Kathy and her culty co-cunts need to go- yesterday.

More Mouse Empire talk, and more parasites trying to suck at the teat of Marvel Studios, and more superhero fatigue.

We're at a point of cultural drought. The mass media has nothing to go on but the reserves of media products of generations past, and they're burning through it faster than it can be replenished. The result is that their business increasingly chases brands over creating their own. Executives who know nothing about how to create a story that sells are running the show; it's no different than having engineering firms run by non-engineers.

Above and Mouse Wars and superhero fatigue, the cancer killing Hollywood (including its English and other foreign satellites) goes on into a death spiral that pushes more and more people to cut out the theater and focus instead on DVD/Blu-Ray and Streaming because you can do that on the price of what a theater ticket in prime time used to be- and do it from the comfort of your home, where you do not need to tolerate the routinely rude and crude cunts filling the seats. (And that's before accounting for other entertainment options.)

And it can't come soon enough. Burn, Hollywood, Burn. You are disposable, expendable, and fungible. Get forked and replaced.

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