Saturday, January 20, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Razorfist Talks Mark Waid - The Man That Murdered Marvel

Razorfist captures in under 10 minutes how and why Marvel went into the shitter so far and fast. Enjoy, folks.

You can find the same psychology at work in other entertainment niches that the SJWs have attack, successfully or not, when you see how they operate. When the pattern is the same, so is the method to break it, which is why the Socjus Death Cult isn't as powerful as it wants you to believe. (Something Frame Game Radio explains in practical terms, so watch his videos on Frame. to see how to beat them into bloody pulps.) Fortunately, we're coming up with alternatives to their crap now- not just product, but the means to get product to readers. This problem will get resolved, and once that happens the SJWs will starve.

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