Sunday, January 21, 2018

Geek Gab Talks Steemit with Ben Cheah

Last night Geek Gab had on Ben Cheah to talk about Steemit and its potential as a platform for independent authors, which many in the PulpRev, Superversive, Noblebright (etc.) movements either already realized or would find to be in their interest. Unfortunately, they had tech problems so you're going to have to give this your full attention to get the most out of it.

The long and short is that Steemit allows the use of blockchain technology to (a) safeguard what you do post, (b) monetize what you post, and (c) earn a secure living if you're willing and able to put in the hustle. The downside is that your payout isn't direct; you have to convert Steemit's currency into another virtual currency (e.g. Bitcoin) by exporting it to an external wallet, and from there you convert that virtual currency into whatever legal tender you need to pay bills and buy groceries.

It's worth looking into, despite the issues with virtual currency volatility, because this approach grants the user that ability to hustle from anywhere so long as he gets Internet access that isn't shit and Steemit itself isn't blocked from access somehow. And, as Ben notes in the podcast, the author can collect any work he serializes to be published as an ebook (or even in print) via Amazon.

I need to reconsider this, as it makes serialized writing worth doing as a sideline due to how the payout works. Ben's not alone over there; Jim Fear and others are also serializing at Steemit. I'm going to bring this up again this coming Friday at the Study, and I'm going to have a specific question that I will want people to respond to in the Comments, so watch out later in the week for that.

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