Monday, January 22, 2018

As Expected, Last Jedi Merch Gets the Punt

The World Class Bullshitters are back, with a third video, showing brand new merchandise for Last Jedi- merch that is already marked for CLEARANCE!. The film's been out just over a month, and the merch is already being put on Clearance.

This is a disaster for Mouse Wars. Merchandise sales are literally putting your money where your mouth is, and therefore is where the Revealed Preference manifests. They don't sell. They're on Clearance one month in, and they still aren't selling. Rose and other SJW tokens sell even less than most, and the ones that do sell? First Order characters (sans Phasma; no one likes her)

Star Wars is a merchandise-driven franchise; the stuff is where the real money lies. To see this stuff rot on the shelves, get marked down for Clearance just four weeks after the film's release, even after the Christmas season speaks all that needs be said about the real audience for Mouse Wars: It's not there!

Mouse Wars HQ has the data. They know where the audience is, and it's not where they want it to be; someone in the head office has to step up and say "They're walking away from us, and this data proves it." They want Muh Diversity, but--just like in comics, tabletop games, videogames, and SF novels--Muh Diversity is broke as a joke as well as a bunch of lying shits, so they never buy what they say they will buy and as such Mouse Wars stalls into a fall- and considering its height, that's a catastrophic impact when it hits.

The sooner someone in the Mouse Empire gets the stroke needed to punt Culty Kathy and her Cunty Fiends, the better. Her failure will soon be complete, and then comes the price for her lack of vision: unemployment.


  1. But Bradford will her firing really change anything? I see a purge of one faction of social justice to be replaced by another. Disney is far too deep in the rabbit hole to get out unless a real hardnosed businessman takes over and acts like an old school movie studio


    1. You have to clear out the Story Group. They're the source of the cancer in Lucasfilm, put there by Culty Kathy- they're the Cunty Fiends.

      Which means that you're going to purge the hangers-on that do web shit like "The Star Wars Show" because of those ties. Lots of shitlibs, soyboys, and culty cunts take the copter ride.

      And Bob Iger will do it if he's forced to choose between himself and Mouse Wars sinking him (which means sinking the Mouse Empire). You can count on his avarice and petty ego going that way; you just have to find a way to push him to it.

    2. Bradford
      Thanks. Who knew that Hollywood's flaws would be a key to saving it?

  2. I say what we need is MORE diversity!

    Bring on the aliens! Where was admiral ackbar's heroic death? Why didn't the codebreaker have blue skin? Plus aliens sell toys.

    I say we start #truediversity and end the scourge of existence privilege just to mess with the sjws. ;)


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