Saturday, December 30, 2017

Time For the East-West Anime Pipeline to Reverse Its Flow

This is Raging Golden Eagle. He talks about a lot of stuff, but one of them is anime, and here he talks about the increase in Western funding of anime production. In the Comments section, I mention that this opens an opportunity for Western content producers to get their work adapted into anime. This deserves elaboration. First, the video.

All of you writers and publishers in the Superversive, Nobilebright, PulpRev (etc.) literary movements who have an eye towards the business end of things should sense the opportunity present here. These anime production companies would love to get their hands on fresh, new material where they don't have to worry about Western leftists pushing piss-poor propaganda on them. However, they need some evidence of an audience awaiting such an adaptation before they will make the effort.

The usual route--novel to comic, comic to series--is how that audience gets found, nurtured, and groomed to the level where an anime adaptation becomes viable. The reason is because, as with Star Wars and Star Trek, a lot of the money comes from merchandise tie-ins; one need only look at how hard Bandai and Sunrise push the model kits to see where the money in the Gundam franchise lies. Likewise, Sailor Moon maintains its intergenerational presence on that merch-focused basis.

We can do that. Hell, some of us already have properties open to that model: the Galaxy's Edge series.

We should also look for, and build up, alternative paths to that destination. This does mean finding comic talent (not taken by the poz) both in the West and in Japan willing and able to do adaptations. (Following the #AltHero project suddenly takes on a whole new relevance. Castalia is ahead of the game.) In time, finding animators willing and able to do animation adaptations will become something worth doing, but for now I think the wise thing to do is seek out friendly comic people on both sides of the Pacific and build our audience ground-up.

This is a sure way to outflank the SJWs in the Western entertainment establishment, as Japan has no love for this death cult, so if we can get our stuff into their hands we can grow our way to seeing our stuff become the next big thing air on Toonami come Saturday night (or on Crunchyroll, etc.). Why not do it? It's not like we don't already write better stories; let's put them into forms and places where we know we can find and grow that audience.

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  1. Bradord
    Happy new year!
    Would one option be to create simple merchandise like decals or lego minifigures, cool challenge coins etc?
    I think the future will be multimedia from book trailer to action figure toys. Appeal to many generations



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