Friday, December 29, 2017

If You Fail to Entertain, Your Fiction is Worthless & Pointless

I'm nailing this down now as mine: The first duty of fiction is to entertain. Nothing else matters if turn off your audience because you bore or insult them.

The SocJus Death Cult will have to confess this themselves sooner than later if it wants to do more than be a virtual suicide bomber of businesses. The cult's masters and predecessors understood this, which is why the conditions for the aforementioned cult could exist at all, but it is clear now that the cult is incompetent at Narrative Warfare in its own right and therefore all it is good for is to attack and destroy assets that could be used by the enemies of its masters.

The SJWs in Disney, Lucasfilm, and Marvel are finding out the hard way that I speak the truth. But, being SJWs, they will follow their predictable pattern: Lie, Double-Down, and Project. This is not an abtract thing; Lucasfilm's incompetence will screw the theme park project and whatever heads have not rolled before that point will be severed and set on pikes once that damage cannot be ignored. Investors for the aforementioned corporations are getting scared about the performance of the company, especially now that the damage can't be ignored without losing face.

All this because they couldn't be bothered to entertain first and foremost. And, as expected, the SJWs can't be bothered to stop lying about any of this.

Burn in your own bonfires of bullshit, Mouse Empire. I'm going to steal your audience from you, and then I will entertain them so well that I become the first Western SF/F author to get featured in a Super Robot Wars game.


  1. Bradford

    Happy new year!
    Quick question can someone of good faith write a stinker but keep practicing and get better?

    1. Yes, they can. For most, that's the only way they ever got good in the first place. Writing is a craft for that reason; you can, and most must, hone it over time slowly sucking less until they produce saleable stories.


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