Thursday, December 28, 2017

Narrative Warfare: SJW Fake Geek Media Excusing Mouse Wars

If it weren't so timely and relevant to other matters of importance , I wouldn't harp on the on-going trainwreck that is The Last Jedi and the SJWs in the media that keep pushing their Narrative Warfare in support of it (and therefore the SJWs, starting with Kathy Kennedy at thetop of Lucasfilm) as a tool to push the poz upon the culture. World Class Bullshitters are on the beat, and here's their video on the Fake Media doing their Fake Geek bullshit.

The core of the matter is this: SJWs Have NO Money. Therefore, catering to them in favor of your real--core--audience is how and why you fail. But the SJWs don't care, because no media business exists to provide a living by satisfying a market demand in SJW eyes. The media exists SOLELY to push the Narrative. If the business crashes and burns, so be it; the SJWs believe (not without reason) that they can always take over another outlet and continue operations there. In the meantime, the SJWs deny their enemies a tool to fight back by destroying each business they take over- and if they take over one that relies on the State instead of the market, so much the better.

Which leads me to the first of my New Year's Resolutions: Blacklist ALL SJWs! Do not hire them. Do not retain them. Do not patronize them. Cut them off, cut them out, and when the time comes cut them down.

Bonus rant by Razorfist. Enjoy.

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