Monday, July 31, 2017

Let Marvel Burn

I could do a big long post on the weekend's hashtag slacktivism campaign regarding the Fake Geeks (who are all SJW death cultists) ruining Marvel Comics, but the Wolfman beat me to the punch and he's far more funny about it. Go read his post instead. Then follow up the podcast links he places for your convenience.

While I'm at it, I encourage you to watch the videos at the Diversity & Comics channel at YouTube. One of the more topical videos in Wolfman's post comes from that channel, and you can count on that being a good destination for all your "Oh my God, what the fuck have those SJW shitheads done this time?" information. Something Razorfist aptly summarized:

Until the time comes for more effective measures, the punishment that Marvel deserves is to be shunned and mocked. There is no good reason to spend your money on Marvel Comics so long as the SJWs are the proverbial lunatics running the asylum. Quarantine and burn them out. Then salt the ruins and rebuild anew.

1 comment:

  1. Recommend laying in 30 linear inch depth of reinforced concrete capping that salt-laced earth.

    Marvel Comics 2017 is nothing but the zombified remains of 1960s Superheroes. SJWs just aching to wear these skins to hurt others they feel are better than them, and destroy all vestiges of 'Heroes'.

    Poor sad bastards won't know what hit them when "the Turn" comes.