Sunday, July 30, 2017

My Life in Fandom: "Discovery" Doomed (Thank God)

I'd been trawling through YouTube seeing if I could get any useful Trek news, when I hit upon a channel named "Midnight's Edge". This channel covers the ongoing debacle that is CBS's Star Trek: Discovery, and below I'm embedding the video that got my attention. I'll be checking back to see what else this channel puts forth on the matter.

This is the sort of journalism that so-called "journalists" don't bother doing anymore, and haven't for some time. Pay particular attention to their exposure of how the legal restructuring of Viacom, Paramount, and CBS did damage to the ownership of the Trek IP- and the consequences this means for the audience due to the deception-by-omission of these facts and their impact on this series.

Furthermore, pay particular attention to the comparison of the Public Relations strategy regarding criticism and how Paul Feig's big flop (Yes, Fembusters.) attacked that problem. The collusion continues, folks; it never stopped. It just changes implementation, and the talking moves from email lists to cocktail lunches.

Finally, take heart in the confirmation of your suspicions that Discovery is doomed dogshit no one wants- and for the exact reasons you suspected: Convergence to Social Justice wrecked an already-crippled project (Remember Brian Niemeier saying that's how the entryism starts and escalates? Like any disease, it attacks when the target is weak.) Hopefully, The Orville will not be dogshit. (At least with Adrienne Palacki on board it will have something worth watching.)

And, once more, we see that "grim and gritty" is the SJW codephrase for "Make This Suck & Alienate The Audience". Whereas its parody embraces being fun and entertaining first and foremost, which is why people are excited for it and hope it hits big. Forking works.

Now, to successfully fork SocJus Wars and wreck the Mouse Empire.

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  1. "Now, to successfully fork SocJus Wars and wreck the Mouse Empire."

    You can already tick off three in the 'Win' column for Galaxy's Edge.