Monday, March 20, 2017

Tabletop RPG Designer Went Full Retard

First, my thanks to the Pundit for responding aptly.

Second: For all you folks who don't pay much attention to the tabletop RPG world, this here is evidence that yes most of the folks making the big games (and the people in many smaller companies that feed of the scraps from the big games, almost all of whom worked on the big games or knew the creators) are SocJus Death Cultists. Pramas thought this was funny, witty, and a devastating rebuke of the God-Emperor. Well...

You're damn right it's retarded. This is going Full Retard. And we all know what to say to that:

And yes, this man's politics most definitely informs his decisions on what to publish, and what to put into what he publishes. If you want the most stupid example, I direct you to The RPG Pundit and his resounding denunciation of Blue Rose, the RPG that makes "romantic fantasy" out to be a degenerate faux-feudal Socialist Dystopia and you play the enforcers of the State. It really is Paranoia with a palette swap played straight (and less party-driven backstabbing) and more going outside.

Yes, this is the issue with Tor in a different--related--arena. The man (and his wife, and his peers) have no problem corrupting escapist entertainment with their politics- and watch the reactions, wherein he defends this as alternately (a) not a problem because it's all political and (b) not a thing because this isn't an issue. (Yep, contradictory defenses; SJWs Always Go Full Retard.)

Good thing that no one needs what he publishes, eh? Fortunately for us, hobbyists in tabletop RPGs can (and should) homebrew ALL the things, so fuck this cunt and his SocJus Death Cult fellow travelers. They're the cancer killing tabletop RPGs, and that's as much due to their inability to adapt to the new reality as it is due to ideological compulsion to corrupt and adulterate what (as with SF/F publishing) is rightly an apolitical entertainment business and hobby.

I'm with Bre Faucheux on this sort of thing. I'm tired of giving money to people who hate me and mine so much that they put that hatred before their obligation to provide value to the customer, especially when they are so fungible as to be replaced with what I can make up on my own- and often of equal or superior quality (as is the case with tabletop RPGs as a whole). Here's her take on this sort of thing:

There's no other way to put it: if you've drunk so much of the SocJus Death Cult Kool-Aid that you do this shit, then you're a Fake Gamer and you don't belong here. GET. THE. FUCK. OUT!

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