Sunday, March 19, 2017

Recommendation: The Syrian Girl

Syrian Girl provides a critical perspective on all matters of interest anent and regarding the Middle East with an emphasis on Syria (as the name would imply) that the mainstream media refuse to address or even entertain. The American and Western mainstream fake news media through its alt-Left, anti-Trump, bumper sticker, playbook, echo chamber repeater (versus reporter) media repeat the mynah bird tropes and memes as ordered and directed.

It is critical and necessary to understand the world from every possible vantage and connection. It’s that simple.

"Syria is geographically and politically in the middle of the Middle East." — Bashar al-Assad

I've long followed this brilliant woman, finding her first when I was in graduate school several years ago in the course of doing research on my Master's degree, as she came to the notice of James Corbett of the Corbett Report. While I haven't seen or heard much from her recently, that doesn't mean nothing's going on; this appearance shows that she's still paying attention.

She's important because she brings the perspective of people from Syria, about Syria, and has personal and familial ties to sources that allow her to effectively gainsay the lying, hoaxing Establishment media of the globalist traitors to the West with regard to Syria and its immediate surroundings. It was from her that I first heard the truth that most "Syrian" refugees aren't Syrian at all, and from her that I first heard that the "rebels" were CIA-backed proxies and catspaws aimed at Russia (following Obama's policies). It was her that first showed me just how blatant the MSM's Narrative Warfare in Syria was, exposing the fraud of the gas attacks.

She's worth having in your media feed, folks, and she's operating as a one-man band. Even if you don't agree, listen to her; this is a woman worthy of your respect because she earns it. She does better journalism than most "journalists", and she does it on her own with a fraction of the Establishment frauds' resources.

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