Saturday, February 11, 2017

Razorfist, Elric, & How You Can Start Making Things Happen

You want something to happen? Your best best is to make it happen by doing it yourself. The first part means figuring out just what you want to do, and compare that to what you're capable of doing yourself. Swiftly on the heels of that comes figuring out who can help you make it happen, and how they can do so. That means figuring how you're going to pitch it to others, especially those who aren't already inclined to help you.

The first stage is usually a brainstorm, throwing things out there to see what hits and what sticks. You're likely used to thinking of people sitting around a table, alone or with others, shooting ideas back and forth until they get tired or they hit on something that they think will work. Well, that's one way to do it; another is to talk while doing something else you're sufficiently used to that it doesn't require your full attention.

Yes, playing a game (videogame or otherwise) is fine so long as you're doing that brainstorming thing. Now, Razorfist already has a pretty good idea of what he wants here, but he's no game maker and he's not in a position to pitch it to one properly. This, for him is an exercise; if he's able to actually get a game maker's attention and then make it happen, that's gravy.

You, reading this post, should take away from this the idea that it's okay to be vague as fuck right away. You've got a clump of clay, and you're just spinning up your potter's wheel. Brainstorming is when you start to put shape to that clay and begin turning that thought into a finished work, whatever that is. Having parts where you discuss with others of like mind, like what you see above, is fine; you're going to want to close the doors and shut the windows eventually so you can focus on making it happen (i.e. doing the work), but early on this is not a bad idea.

The trick, therefore, is knowing when to do it (and thus went to stop).

From here, go look up other videos, articles, etc. on how to pitch; you're going to run into gaps in your skillset sooner or later, so help is necessary- like it or not.

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