Sunday, February 12, 2017

Narrative Warfare: Geek Gab, Riverdale, and SocJus Ruins Everything

The terrific trio at Geek Gab did their weekly episode today. Here, have the embedded video archive, for your convenience:

Now, about that clusterfuck that is Riverdale, and its willful misrepresentation of Archie comics. What this shit show reveals is that nothing will remain untouched by the SocJus death cult, as it cannot abide the presence of anything wholesome and innocent because that puts the lie to its claims of being grounded in reality. It has to normalize its inherent corrupt character by defiling everything contrary to it, and that's what Riverdale does.

You got it, this is Narrative Warfare.

The whole idea behind programs like this is to create the illusion that not only is this corruption normal, but that it is inevitable and cannot be resisted. It's mass-media black-pilling, intended to induce despair and apathy so as to reduce (and eventually eliminate) resistance. They do it because it works, and they've known this since the late 19th century when mass media as we recognize it emerged; they formalized it with World War 1 and commercialized it immediately thereafter. (Go read Propaganda, by Edward Bernays.) Manipulating public opinion has been a fucking career path ever since.

There's more of this social engineering going on, some of which is getting too blatant to unsee now, and if you can stand watching ads on TV or online you'll not fail to notice them. The same applies to the programs themselves. Long before we shit-posted Trump into the White House, those now opposing him unleashed industrial-scale weapons-grade memetic weaponology upon us to meme their will into reality.

So that's what Riverdale: memetic brainfucking, by someone already rotted by those same memes, intended to spread the disease into the population at-large by targeting those too young (and therefore unsavvy) to properly detect and block these attacks. This, by the way, is where parental oversight is meant to step in: to stop predators from preying upon your children. (Now you know why the Establishment wants to alienate parents from children, and otherwise break up the lawful natural family: to make it easier to corrupt and mutate children into more vile zombie drones for their will.)

Don't make it easy for them. Don't give them your money. Don't give them your time. Don't give them your attention. Don't let them get to your children. Literal walls are not the only good ones; erect yours today, and keep safe what you love so that they may thrive tomorrow.

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