Tuesday, February 7, 2017

My Life in Fandom: Razorfist's Back - Enter ELRIC of Melniboné - Razör vs. Comics

I see that Razorfist has a new video. Hmmm, it's about Elric of Melnibone. This has to be good.

This is why Razorfist got on the Hugo final ballot last year. This is why he deserves to be nominated for a Dragon if a suitable category can be found. He does better literary criticism and review than people who wasted years of their lives and tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get useless degrees as credentials for this sort of thing, and he does so with a flare and feel for audience engagement that his more credentialed counterparts routinely fail to accomplish.

If you haven't gotten acquainted with him, now's the time. After you watch this video (and the one below), go watch his two videos going over The Shadow (which is what got him his Hugo nomination). Then subscribe to his channel and follow him on the socials so you don't miss his output going forward. I've enjoyed his videos and livestreams for some time now, so I am happy to spread the word when he does stuff like this; if you don't care for comics, try his stuff on games, movies, or music. (The "Mythos" series is fantastic, and often better journalism than folks who get paid to do it.)

As for his shots at The Witcher, this video should fill any gaps left by the video above on why Razorfist says what he says.

And I can't wait for his review of Hairbraned Schemes upcoming BattleTech.

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