Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The God-Emperor Gets His Grand Inquisator

The God-Emperor wins again. Jess Sessions is now the Attorney General of the United States. The Fraud Fauxcahauntas got her lying mouth shut, and that was fantastic to see. (But I'd rather see her punished for fraud; she's as Indian as I am a Martian.) This on top of DeVos confirmed as the Secretary of Education. I love all this winning. I am energized by all this winning. I cannot, do not, and will never get tired of winning; I feed off winning, so I want MORE! Harder, Faster, Stronger.

Now I want action. I want to see Antifa rounded up by the F.B.I., denounced as terrorists, convicted for sedition (and, where applicable, treason), and punished accordingly. I want the illegal invaders rounded up, denounced as invaders and spies, and punished accordingly. I want those giving aid and comfort to these predators arrested, condemned, and punished likewise. If not executed, then chained and compelled to Build The Wall. (Yes, this is totally legal.)

I want all Federal gun control ripped out of the U.S. Code, used as toliet paper, and then tossed into the incinerator. Let's start with the repeal of the National Firearms Act; nevermind the re-legalizing of suppressors alone. We've got the opportunity to undue one of the biggest remaining mistakes of the 20th Century in U.S. legal work (after Prohibition), so you're damn right I want to strike while the iron is hot and make that happen- and given that the National Rifle Association just used their influence to get the God-Emperor his Grand Inquisator, this repeal is just and fair compensation for their aid. The Military Arms Channel has a nice rant video about this repeal opportunity:

And I fully support the purging of Leftists, whatever their stripe, for they are the immediate source of chaos and predation of our nation in this country. I am no naive idealist; I know good and well (from bitter, life-long experience) that power is what matters- use it or lose it. The bureaucracy needs to be purged of the traitors in its ranks. Why? Because all of them are Social Justice Warriors, and Social Justice Warriors ALWAYS LIE!

Godspeed, Grand Inquisator. Go forth, and Make America Great Again!

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