Thursday, February 9, 2017

Narrative Warfare: "Virtue of the West" & Making Your Own Media

I said earlier this week that it's important to find podcasts relevant to your interests and spread the work about them to others of like mind. Well, here I am doing just that. Two of the women I've found and took a liking to--Brittany Pettibone and Tara McCarthy--decided to collaborate on a new podcast: Virtue of the West. Their first episode is live, and embedded below.

In terms of Narrative Warfare, more podcasts like this are necessary and proper things to launch. You can't rely on the handful of established Alt-Right media (Red Ice Radio/Radio 3Fourteen, Fash The Nation, etc.) to do the heavy lifting, so if you have the means and the motive then now is your opportunity to act. You sure as Hell can't rely on the hoaxing media to do you any favors. (I'm with Vox Day: no media contact at all.) You've got to take your own side here, and that means doing what these fine women have done.

Which, by the way, is why I made this post: to spread the word of their effort to make their own media and thereby draw and keep an audience. I've already noticed one other woman in this sphere--Bre Faucheux--immediate notice and take a liking to it (and looks to be on the show in the near future), and with the current cultural zeitgeist shift going on I think that they picked the right time to launch this podcast. Hopefully the established folks, some of whom already had one or both hostesses on as guests, welcome this podcast and do likewise to promote it.

We need to make our own media again. Vox Day's talked about this repeatedly at his blog, and he's participating in creating Alt-Tech replacements for SocJus-controlled stuff like Facebook, Twitter, and Wikipedia so he's not blowing smoke. That Red Ice exists, and has for years, shows that you can succeed as wholly independent media. While Google (as it controls YouTube) is SJW-converged, for now it's worthwhile to post podcasts there (and use Google Hangouts for live shows) while backing up at other places.

Narrative Warfare cannot be thwarted by being passive. You have to counter-signal, and that means getting into the media game yourselves. If these women can do it, you can too- and, goddamn, it's a lot of fun!

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