Thursday, January 26, 2017

Prime Goof: Streaming Gaming on Facebook

So, Blizzard announced their Heroes of the Dorm event for this year. Go on, watch their teaser video. It'll be just a minute.

Did you catch where they're putting this up for live watching? Facebook. Using their utterly shit livestreaming feature. Instead of, you know, USING TWITCH!. Twitch, the #1 livestreaming site for gaming of ANY kind. Where DOTA 2 streams The International. Where League of Legends streams their events.

Is Blizzard utterly fucking retarded, or are they so lacking in cash that Zuckerberg's backing up dump trucks full of cash was a compelling argument? Either way you put it, it doesn't make Blizzard look good. Gamers don't stream on Facebook, and they sure as Hell don't watch gaming streams on Facebook.

Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube. Those are you viable options for gaming streams. Facebook? See, this is why the MOBA community as a whole doesn't take Heroes of the Storm seriously as either a game or an e-sport. Valve and Riot know where the audience is, and it's not Facebook. No, no amount of money or hype will make gamers move en masse over either. Stop being dumb, Blizzard.

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