Friday, January 27, 2017

How We Got Here, The Summary

/pol/ on GamerGate

Yeah, that's a good summary of how #Gamergate led to The God-Emperor's Ascension. No, there's no need to get more into the details that this, but if you care to bother then why not read what the FBI sifted through when they investigated it and found nothing worth bothering to act on. You can find it here, in PDF format, and do for free what they got paid for.

In short, what we #Gamergate veterans encountered within the context of gaming turned out to be one corner of a society-wide level of cultural corruption and degeneracy that--had there just been some common fucking sense at the time--ended up getting exposed and wrecked at increasingly greater scopes and scales because the fundamental error that set off #Gamergate (the lack of journalistic ethics due to actually being SocJus cultists covering their own asses) being repeated time and again with no change in the results or the consequences.

And now we have The God-Emperor in the White House, Brexit in the U.K., the European Union facing a real threat to its existence, and Putin in Russia looking on with approval as he too hates the globalist technocrats as much as the rest of us. Oh, and the exposure of global elites being predators upon the people at-large (much like the Muslim invaders they let in). If it wasn't for the B-Team in the gaming press fucking up, none of the recent culture war victories would've happened.

And yes, those of us who've been here for it all, and took part in the Meme Wars to date, know good and well that this is the case. We laugh, but it's true: #Gamergate lead to the first successful resistance to the Empire of SocJus Globalism, after which more and more resistance not only broke out but succeeded in pushing back attempts to conquer and assimilate them. Now we're pushing back, and real hope for fixing this shit is here and real.

And they still haven't figured out how to deal with us yet, so they're going to violence now instead. Morons. They'll lose there too.


  1. I have many regrets in my life but GamerGate is not one of them. Shadilay brothers, may the winning never stop.

  2. After so many years of this miserable SJW/cultMarx/PC death cult tyranny it's great to see men fighting back.