Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I Am Never Tired of Winning

Yeah, I'll talk about more fun things tomorrow. For now, some delight in the pain of others:

Look, I don't know if this image is real or not, but what it reports--that antifa got busted and face 10 years in a Federal prison--is real and man does that freak the fuck out of these people and their fellow travelers. Mind you, Trump's Justice Department is being merciful right now; the arrested antifa are actually guilty of using violence to advance a political position (the very definition of terrorism), and guilty by their own admission (i.e. they confessed).

This is one of the reasons I'm saying that the violence was not smart or justified, because I knew that Trump was a man who wouldn't put up with this bullshit. As soon as he took power, he acted and now the script of years past is done. The law has come back to being used properly, and that's why I'm glad to see stuff like the above- and please, Mr. Sessions, go for the terrorism charges if you can.

I concur with others making the comparisons with Ronald Reagan, insofar as the spirit of the day is concerned. The remoralizing effect of Trump making good on promise after promise within a week of being inaugurated. With a compliant Congress, Trump's going to get the wall passed, funded, and construction underway within months. The orders on immigration are already having an impact. Speaking of immigration, Razorfist had a great (and nuanced) video in support of the Wall:

Despite other problems, I've not felt this energized by a Presidency in my adult lifetime. This must be what it was like in 1980 when Reagan took office.

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  1. Ten years PLUS the possibility of up to $25,000 in fines. Nice bonus that after 1-10 in Federal stir that these pieces of trash would likely be bankrupt. Some stories *can* have a happy ending!