Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Stop Cutting Down the Grove of Law

Dumb motherfuckers--including people I know all of whom should know better--are still excusing the violence last weekend thinking that invoking "NAZI!" is a magic passcode that makes it all right. No, dammit, it does not. Time to whip out the Sir Thomas Moore quote again, from A Man For All Seasons:

Did you get that? I'm not on your asses just because you're wrong, but because you are throwing away the very protection you routinely turn around and expect to be granted to you when you're on the business end of sucker punches, fire bombs, gunshots, and other violence against your or your property. You are throwing away the Rule of Law.

While it is not a suicide pact, neither is it to be clad or doffed at your fucking convenience either. You have the rules and thus the means to deal with true and verifiable threats to you, yours, and your own- USE THEM! Don't like what some other motherfucker says? TOO BAD! I've certainly sat through decades of your bullshit, and I still ain't throwing punches for the exact same reason Moore grants The Devil benefit of law- for my own safety's sake.

Especially those of you old enough to be my parents- STOP!

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