Monday, January 23, 2017

The Wild Ride Rackets Up Again - We Spiral Boys Now

If you thought the derangement from the globalist SJW death cult was bad last year, then you've seen nothing yet. Watching the speeches by the rising leaders of contesting Right wing parties in France (Le Pen), Germany (Petry), and the Netherlands (Wilders) shows me that--even if none of them win--they cannot avoid gaining more and more support in their respective countries (and across the West) because they're talking the sense that common people across the West know is true but aren't hearing from the quisling traitors running the governments.

And yes, the elites of the West--as a class--are traitors to the nations, countries, and states they are sworn to serve and rely upon for support. They are the 5th column without whom the ongoing invasion of "refugees" could not happen and would not persist, and every buried story of rape and murder by these invaders--aided and abetted after the fact by these elites--undermines their control and increases the odds of civil war in those countries (and a pan-European war to destroy the invaders).

The continued fraud and hoaxes of the West's Establishment media shows that they too are part of the treason, so the necessity to compel them to demonstrate their treason remains. The Meme Wars are not over. Get ready for the next round, folks, because now that the culture's shifting out of SJW hands (however that may be) the real shit's beginning.

And, to think, I got into this because I just wanted to play fucking games. Now I'm part of an epoch-defining moment in time. I'm believing in the me that believes in myself. Oh yeah, we Spirals now- time for the theme song:

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