Sunday, January 22, 2017

Narrative Warfare Fail: The Anti-Trump Freakouts

I wish I could say that I am surprised by what's going on regarding Trump right now, but I don't. I expected it. What's getting me is that the response is so predictable, so formulaic, so robotic, and so disappointing that folks I thought smarter than this are doing their best impressions of malfunctioning androids. Still believing the hoaxing media, they fail to recognize what this map means:

It means that their narrative, excusing and condoning the rioting and violence in Washington, D.C. this weekend, will push towards civil war and that war will be lost by them good and hard. They're going to get most of their own side slaughtered.

While many folks think that invoking "Nazi!" is a magic phrase excusing their breach of the peace, the Federal Government does not agree; the Justice Department will pursue (rightly) Federal charges of Felony rioting, meaning massive fines at 10 years in a Federal prison on conviction

The alternative media outlets such as WeSearchr are already hunting down the identities of those caught in the act doing such things. Project Veritas' pre-event videos exposing the organization to attack the Deploraball have led to arrests, which will also result in fines and prison time once Trump sets Sessions on them.

The hoaxing media already had their hoax on the inauguration numbers busted, and the Trump Administration is right to directly confront and attack the frauds for their deeds. Keep it up, morons; you're going to end up justifying Federal action making these hoaxes and frauds easier to prosecute and convict- let's see how well Chuck Todd or Rachel Marrow does when doing hard time for lying to the public. They're so ass-mad that Trump doesn't need them--that they can't gatekeep anymore--that they're blatant in their doubling-down of their lies in desperation.

I'm not mad. I'm disappointed. I expect children to throw these tantrums, not adults- especially not adults older enough to be my parents. Yet here we are, and I now have to reassess my associations. I've read SJWs Always Lie, so I know what's next, and that means one thing at the moment: hammering the point that this will backfire if it persists, and saying "I told you so." when it inevitably does.

Morons. All that they do--or permit others to do for them--may also be done to them in return. They fail to grasp what it means to revert to this sort of tribal violence. I now await the pretense of victimhood when the inevitable occurs and they suffer consequences for their actions, and I will not care. This is the future you chose. Suffer.

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