Saturday, January 21, 2017

My Life as a Shooter: Oh, Yeah, The 2017 SHOT Show Was This Week

While all the spectacle rested in Washington D.C. this week, preparing for yesterday's ascendancy of the God-Emperor, the firearms industry had their annual trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada. All of the folks I follow at YouTube and Full30, and plenty of others, got their media credentials and visited the many companies exhibiting their new and improved wares for this year. Now that the 2017 SHOT show is about done, I can watch the videos and see what's worth watching for. As CZ is my firearms manufacturer of choice, I checked out videos on their stuff first.

Already I have something I can talk about with some of my extended relatives, and that's the new chamberings that CZ (via their CZ USA subsidiary) will offer for their American line of bolt-action hunting rifles. Soon a model chambered for 7.62x39mm will arrive, meaning that I need not keep hoping for the Carbine to be in stock to get it in the caliber I want, but as it lacks iron sights it's now merely an acceptable second-choice option. I still want the Carbine most.

The new SP-01 Phantom model of semi-automatic pistol is back and remains well worth it, and their new striker-fired service pistol (the P-10 C) looks to be my choice for the Glock/XD/M&P area (and need not bother looking at those anymore). The Dan Wesson brand brings more variations on the 1911 pistols that they are (justifiably) famous for, and their famous 715 revolver looks to be back in production; that's both built like a tank and heirloom quality, so it's worth the price.

Yeah, I know that there's more to see, and I'll post if I find anything to my liking out of these SHOT Show video reports. For now, I'm pleased that CZ's not fucking things up. Now I'd wish they'd cut a deal with Czechpoint and offer vz. 58 rifles once more (and the other stuff Czechpoint sells), and bring back the CZ-83 (so I can get magazines and accessories for my CZ-82 at reasonable prices).

And yes, there are other manufacturers I like, such as Minnesota's own Coonan, so if they have news I'll say so in a future post.

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