Friday, January 20, 2017

My Life as a Gamer: At Last, a New World of Darkness Videogame!

Remember Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines? Well, late in the lifetime of the original White Wolf game company, they licensed the World of Darkness property out for videogame adaptations. While Hunter: The Reckoning got console adaptations, the flagship game got that aforementioned PC adaptation. Werewolf: The Apocalypse had a game on the table, but it got cancelled. Then came the collapse of the company, the utter shit that was the "new" World of Darkness, and getting eaten by the folks behind EVE Online.

Recently, Paradox Interactive bought White Wolf from the EVE folks. As this Niche Gamer article shows, they're finally doing it. At long last, PC and console gamers get to enjoy what tabletop players have had since the 1990s, and I expect a bloody awesome (heh) action game that will require far better PC parts than what my laptop has right now. It's being done by the guys who did Styx: Master of Shadows and its upcoming sequel, so at the least we know that any stealth component will not suck; it's the rest that we can worry about for now.

Now, if Paradox has the sense God gave a retarded leper, they'd start laying the ground work for a line of Exalted titles right the fuck now. Of all the properties in the White Wolf portfolio, that one alone has far more commercial potential than all the rest put together, and it's stupid on the level of corporate sabotage to not exploit it. Get on that shit, Paradox, and get on it yesterday.

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