Friday, September 23, 2016

Gawker Still Hasn't Learned: The Unpersoning of Palmer Luckey

Gizmodo Media (formerly Gawker) hasn't learned from its losses in court. Neither has its fellow travelers. No sooner than Oculus founder Palmer Luckey comes out as a Trump support than the coordinated hit-pieces come up to attack him for it with slurs, and likely crossing the lines of defamation. It's good thing for he's not based out of Minnesota, because Defamation gets you put in jail here.

The SJWs in the business haven't learned their lesson either, and are now colluding against him for no other reason than his politics.

By the way, that "funding white supremacy" crack? That's false, and both Kuchera and Abrams know it's false. They're lying, in public (as they are Tweeting, which is public discourse), about Palmar with the intend to ridicule him and injury him in business and are NOT making fair commentary or acting in good faith. Again, in Minnesota, that's a crime; it's one of the reasons SJWs here have to be more careful than they are elsewhere. But these folks aren't careful; they're reckless and see no problem with going after anyone or anything they think will compel the target to comply with them.

They'll do it even if it, in and of itself violates their Narrative. For Palmer, they went after his girlfriend, Nikki Moxxi.

Such heroic figures. Such class acts. (Someone get those two copies of right away, or link them the Survival Guide. They need that shit NOW.) What we're seeing here is a classic Point & Shriek swarm attack, with the intent to Discredit & Disqualify prior Disemployment for BOTH of them. The idea is to cut them off from society and their support networks in order to terrify them into bowing down to them.

They do it because it works.

They do it because even being rendered bankrupt by a civil court decision will not stop them. As we've seen in the wake of the Hogan trial, many of those disemployed due to the bankruptcy at Gawker ended up at similar outfits and resumed their SJW convergence activities. What I also expected is that those still at Gawker (now Gizmodo Media) and its sister sites would just Double-Down and Project even harder in their Lies- as the Three Laws of SJWs demand.

They will keep doing it until they start feeling real, direct, and immediate pain in consequence for their actions. That will mean criminal arrests, as they will inevitably screw up someplace where their behavioral norms do not apply, and it will be repeated exposure of their wrongdoing punished by criminal arrests and prosecution that will finally put a real spanner in their Internet Hate Machine.

Until then, what you can do is go over their heads and write emails to their new owners--Univision--informing them that Uni's new subsidiaries are already going rogue and damaging Univision's brand by doing so.

If you are in a position to start digging down on these people, investigating what these SJWs do and how they do it, do so and expose it; if you won't expose it yourself then work through a cutout (Pax Dicksenson & Chuck C. Johnson's Wesearchr now allows user-generated bounties for information. Check their FAQ for how to blow the whistle.) to protect yourself. Maintain the boycott on their advertisers as best you can, and contact their advertisers to remind them of the damage to their brand they risk by association. Keep watching these SJWs like hawks, and once they step over the line hammer them good and hard; lawfare works.

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