Saturday, September 24, 2016

My Life as a Shooter: Ruger Mark IV!

I haven't done a post about firearms in quite some time. Lots of stuff going on that I found more important than firearms, shooting, etc. to spend time on here at the main blog so that got shoved to one side- especially since the specialist gun bloggers have their beats on lockdown.

Then I got word that Ruger released the Mark IV.

I love a good target pistol, and that's what the Mark IV is: a full-sized semi-automatic handgun, chambered for .22 Long Rifle, intended to be used as a target pistol for recreational shooting, competition, or training purposes. While there are others that have, and do, fill this role (Browning's Buckmark and Smith & Wesson's Victory are most prominent right now.) Ruger's been around for decades and his earlier models still hold their value so long as you do your part and maintain it.

And that leads to the big knock on the Mark III and earlier versions. Disassembly is so bothersome that the manual can confuse you and now many just refer to a video to show you how to do it without messing it up or breaking something. Ruger knows this, and any new model had to address this long-standing criticism. With the Mark IV, Ruger delivers.

Goddamn. One-button, tooless disassembly. It's as simple as it is with an AR-15 (which is "Push in one pin, pull upper receiver off lower, done." for most purposes- i.e. field stripping and maintenance). I want a Target model yesterday, and a few more magazines for it.

And I have a birthday in two weeks. Just sayin'.

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