Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Life as a Gamer: HIVE, E-Begging, & SJW Convergence

This is what SJW Convergence looks like, folks.

This woman put up a begging campaign so that she can push some Social Justice crap into whatever the fuck she's going to pass off as proper gaming product. In this case, it's to pay her way to an international SJW cult front meetup call HIVE (How appropriate for an SJW cult front). This is not about raising capital to do business where such had not been done before. This is not emergency aid to cope with an Act of God. This is someone who thinks that they ought to go to this event, which is wholly irrelevant to actually making good games, regardless of their own ability to pay their own way. Her statement at her e-begging page says as much (using the typical weasel words of that cult).

In short, she wants people to give her money to go to San Francisco (which is a red flag right there; so many SJW front orgs are out of San Francisco now, and afflict Silicon Valley therefrom) to listen to more successful SJW death cultists and network with other cultists so she can go back and be a more effective cultist pushing her poison to people who just want to play fucking games. Instead of what someone who actually brings value to any form of gaming actually does: make fucking games.

This is NOT about gaming. This is about furthering SJW convergence in the gaming world, about spreading the disease that is Social Justice, and making multiple media of entertainment (and the stores that sell them, and the events that feature them, etc.) nothing more than propaganda outlets that impose and enforce ideological mind control far worse than anything seen in the former Soviet Union (or in North Korea or mainland China now).

This is about someone who sucks hard and refuses to Git Gud, then resorting to the aid of a corrosive death cult to keep her in a position where she should not be on her own merit- and in return she'll make certain that no one else will ever be in a position to out-compete her and thereby show just how suck-ass she really is. (This pattern repeats with every other wanker in a scene who can't cut it, but whose ego won't allow them to admit it and either Git Gud or Get The Fuck Out.)

I'm going to make this crystal fucking clear to you chucklefucks:

THE ONLY THING GAMING NEEDS TO DO IS GIT FUCKING GUD. Nothing else matters. Nothing else even comes close.

In plain terms, the following:

  • Makers need to git gud at making games.
  • Gamers need to git gud at playing games.
  • Git Gud or GTFO.

That's it. That's all there is to it. You can take your intersectionality, micro-aggressions, Muh Diversity, Muh Representation, and all of that other utterly irrelevant and pointless bullshit and shove it up your asses. It has no place in gaming. It never had. It never will.

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