Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Narrative Warfare: Breitbart Strikes Back (Again)

It's been known for some time that, in a show of hubris and incompetence, Facebook actively manipulates user feeds to slant political opinion and therefore discussion. Milo Yiannopulos, Editor of Breitbart Tech, had something to say about that today.

About fucking time.

You have to be a complete fucking retard to think it's a good idea to take your social media site and turn it into a propaganda machine. As I've said previously, active intervention of this sort is a show of incompetence. Why? Because you abrogate your position of neutrality (and thus have no liability) in traffic, where all you need to do is safeguard the integrity of your communications network (simpler, easier, far more acceptable to others, far easier for others to comprehend) and instead toss that so you can play favorites and thus thus try to pick winners and losers- the move that always ends up in a serious (and ultimately successful) threat to destroy or usurp your network.

Nevermind the politics. I support Milo and the gang doing this just to punish Zuck the Cuck's grotesque stupidity and incompetence. The shitlib politics are just gravy on the potatoes at this point. Facebook's value is in its network of users, and thus the users' confidence in the network as a means of communications and connection. Playing favorites violates that value, same as in other telecom media (including print), because the network's value--derived from its advertising and datamining functions--cannot withstand a loss of confidence for long, especially when there are alternatives waiting in the wings to eat Facebook like a ravenous zombie horde. And those alternatives do exist.

Godspeed, Milo and company. Give Zuck the Cuck the reaming he deserves.

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