Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bernie Endorses Hillary. I Know Those Feels.

Sanders sold out, as some of us called over a year ago.

Now, a lot of you Sanders supports who truly believed in him are somewhere between drowning in your tears and mad enough to be the Hulk. You put in a lot of time, a lot of money, and--and this matters most--a lot of energy into a belief in a man whom you wanted as President of the United States. You wanted what he offered to you, and now--whatever you're saying--you know you ain't getting jack shit.

Look, I feel you. Been there, many years ago, with the other Clinton. In 1992 I graduated from High School. The Reagan-Bush years drew to a close, as even by this time in that year we knew Bill Clinton was going to be George H.W. Bush. I turned 18 about a month before the General Election, so I voted for the very first time in that election.

My father was a Union man, so I grew up in a Democrat household. While never much more than a guy in his local, my father truly believed in the Labor Movement, something that rubbed off on me. (I was one of the first Boy Scouts to get the American Labor merit badge.) So when, after 12 years of Republic occupation of the Presidency, a Democrat sat poised to take it of course I got wrapped up in it.

Within a year, that ended and the very disappointment you're feeling now hit me. I need not review here the known issues of the Clinton Presidency. Suffice to say that the same feeling of being conned and betrayed is not new at all.

So no, I will not mock you for your disappointment. Go on, take a moment and let that pass through you- and it will pass through you if you just let it do so. Then, when it's passed and you're able to collect yourself, I've got a question for you: What are you going to do about this now?

No, I won't give you an answer. I will tell you what I did. I wanted to know why. I knew I got lied to, about something important, so I wanted to know why. In time I got my answer, but that was well after the fact, and the process led me to where I am now: a man in his 40s who feels like a latter-day Cassandra (able to see, unable to have others heed).

How you deal with this is on you, Sanders Survivor. All I ask is that you take your own side first and foremost, and don't turn your coat.

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