Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Crowns of the West Are Traitors

In Nice, France a truck drove through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day. Furthermore, shots fired are reported. As of this post, 60 are dead and many more injured. Unsaid, but suspected, is that this is attack is yet another Jihad operation against the West out of the Muslim population firmly ensconced within France and other European nation-states.

Meanwhile, German security forces raid 60 homes enforcing an Orwellian statute on "hate speech" posted online. In the United Kingdom one city dares call "misogyny" a "hate crime" making those arrested open to fines and imprisonment. Both cases rely on subjective (i.e. "Muh Feels!") criteria, making them primed for abuse via (very) selective enforcement. Meanwhile, Muslim populations threaten violence against Englishman's beloved dogs under cover of "Muh Culture!"

My fellow Men of the West, the states we established to be our agents--the Crowns of the West--have turned their coats. They are traitors, in thrall to the Social Justice death cult, and are 5th Columnists in league with the orcs that they let through the gates. They betrayed the trust we placed in them, are refusing to do the jobs we demand of them, and are even so brazen as to punish we--their masters--if we defend ourselves from these enemies of ours.

A state is the nation's agent. If it does not serve the nation, then it is not legitimate and must be dealt with.

Remove the crowns from the traitors, and seize back the powers delegated to them, for otherwise you will have two fronts in the war against the orcs- and I need not tell you how difficult it is to win such a war when you're fighting your own rogue agents within as well as the savages without. Clean house, then push out from there.

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