Friday, July 15, 2016

World War Three Is Here

This is where I tell the well-meaning people like James Corbett that no one cares about their False Flag videos when they have a clear, present, immediate, and immanent threat to their lives attacking them and killing their friends and family in their backywards. The intricacies of global geopolitics, and the scams of Globalist elites intended to steal power and wealth from the nations of the world, fall on deaf ears in the face of the very threats that such individuals describe (accurately) as pawns in the game.

Not that the folks in that part of the Internet are wrong, merely misguided in their present efforts. Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange did a smart shift to his message that gets the point across in a form that people riled up by terror attacks and retarded banditry will receive and accept:

The takeaway from these is obvious: The royal family of Saudi Arabia finance Muslim terrorism worldwide, a pattern easily followed by diligent and competent research of the political and financial influencing that parallels terrorist operations worldwide by Muslim operatives. Don't think this is irrelevant; both the exposure of Taqiyya (Muslim deception of outsiders as operational practice) and exposure of Muslim populations' support of terrorism are in part due to investigative efforts of people like Luke, Bill Still, and other alt-media operations like theirs.

The moderate Muslims are the popular support for the "radicals" that do the killing, and the governments give them political cover while going after those resisting the Muslim invasion. Non-Muslim operations against the West are beginning to copy this scheme, as the ties that Black Lives Matter to George Soros (a notorious Globalist billionaire, whose seditious operations are legion) show. Globalists (the home of Feminism, Marxism, and other dyscivic frauds) in league with Muslim power-players, against the West and its allies in the East, make up this war's fronts.

As I write this, the secular military of Turkey are attempting to take out Islamist Erdogan and remove that threat to internal as well as international stability. I hope it succeeds, as Erdogan is no friend of the West or to Civilization in general. The war is here. It's global. Expect to hear more out of the East in months to come, as their own circumstances come to light. Globalism is the threat, allied with Saudi-backed Muslim terrorism, and only renewed Nationalism ending with proper ethno-centric nation-states can save any of it.

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