Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dependent, Fragile, & Fearful: The Core Traits of the SocJus Cult

Larry Correia made a post recently about another author's success outside the legacy genre fiction machine. As the man who got the Sad Puppies rolling (and now sits back to enjoy the fireworks), he had a sense of how said machine is politically biased.

Enter Verdant Labs. They figured out what those biases are (in a U.S. context, but remapping to where you are ain't that hard). Book Publishing? 100% Democrat, and thus Regressive Left.

But I noticed a pattern in the assessments, one I think you'll find very interesting: the more Democratic a profession is, the greater it is dependent upon institutional structures, the more fragile its members are, and the more fearful (in a "Mommy! Mommy!" sense of anxiety) they are as a class.

This fits the profile of the SocJus Cult.

They are individually weak, disdainful of self-reliance to the point of delusion, and anxious about their vulnerability at all times. To cover this anxiety, they cope by projecting their weakness and compel their dependency upon others. They have no faith in their own abilities. They have no sense of perspective regarding how the world works, so it terrifies them and they seek a Big Mommy to soothe them. They live in scarcity.

The "Republican" professions require the fostering of an independent character that sees themselves as superior to the structure that they work within, as fathers to their children, and that gives them a mentality of abundance due to the knowledge that their skills and acumen will allow them find useful and productive work wherever they go.

Well then, I see now what path to go to fix the SocJus problem at the higher levels of engagement: break their scarcity paradigm.

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