Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Jamar Clark Case Ended Predictably

Here in the Twin Cities, the Jamar Clark shooting remains a matter of local relevance. The local Black Live Matter clique and their allies are not happy that the officers will not be charged criminally for the shooting. Nevermind that Clark beat his girlfriend so badly that an ambulance had to take her away for treatment. Nevermind that Clark interfered with paramedic efforts to treat the girlfriend. Nevermind that he went for a cop's sidearm. Oh no, he was a good buy who dindu nuffin; he didn't need to die- oh fuck this.

There's meetings and marches going on as I write this. I'm expecting a riot soon, and I'm expecting that the city government--run by Regressive Leftists that make up urban and suburban Democrats here--will knuckle under like the cowards, cuckolds, and cultists that they are. (One of the city council members is an open BLM member.) They should be ready to execute mass arrests of the entire group.

This BLM crew has already laid siege to a precinct house ones, disrupted commerce in North Minneapolis and the Mall of America, disrupted transit on Interstate 35-W and in downtown Minneapolis, and otherwise engaged in acts of war and banditry (and yes, that's what they are) against county and city government as well as corporate property. They are keen to do it again.

Quite frankly, this demonstrated behavior should have city, county, state and--yes--Federal prosecutors combing over the statutory codices for applicable measures. But, so long as the leadership in the Twin Cities and in the state house of Minnesota remain so thoroughly cucked we're going to either way for them to cross the line (and compel effective action), we're going to get foot-dragging and half-measures at best.

It will also begin the serious decay of Democratic (and thus SocJus) hold on Minnesota's urban counties and state government, as this is going out to the rural population--already disdainful of the Cities--and make this Urban/Rural split even worse, and ultimately breaking the urban power in this state. We Minnesotans--the proper nationals here--are a people who value order, and this chaos will NOT be tolerated once it becomes clear that this cannot be avoided.

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