Monday, March 28, 2016

Social Justice Cult Hits Overwatch

So, some cunt who doesn't even play Overwatch pulled for "For Muh Babies!" whine and now Tracer's getting her best shot patched out.

Kaplan had to sign off on this. Stop being a fucking cuck, Kaplan. If someone advised you to do it, toss them out a window and tell HR to bring in a replacement. If you did it, man the fuck up and revert it. The majority of the audience is adults, not pre-pubescent children, and therefore "For The Children" cries need not be considered.

God forbid that chicks have some sassy sex appeal. (Or are you going patch out Widowmaker's fantastic ass also?) The Tumblrinas have Zarya, so stop coddling the crusty cunts and punt them to the curb already- especially those fake "journalists" who lie about their gamer cred when they do this Social Justice bullshit.

Here, let me show you how it's done: "Fuck off, loser. We like Tracer's fine ass, and you can choke on my fuck."

Not hard, is it?

No one respects doormats.

This will not end well, and I expect some backpedaling to come soon (along with the restoration of that fabulous ass).

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