Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blog Recommendation: Kairos

Up-and-coming independent author Brian Niemeier maintains a blog by the name of Kairos, where he does much as I do (albeit not as often) here, and today he had a hell of a post. The link above goes right to it, so I'll just highlight the conclusion here:
The upshot
American society has stratified into an elite minority (of both parties) who all live in the same places, go to the same schools, work in entertainment, media, academia, and government, and hate the working class.

The rest of the American people have now caught on to this fact and have begun to actively hate the elites back.

There's a rapidly growing realization that the ruling class, universities, and mass media are illegitimate. This sentiment is gaining steam and will increase exponentially.

Liberals of both parties are done. Finished. They overplayed their hand, and people are wise to their game. Many haven't realized it yet, because the Left is dumping all of its remaining power and influence into a propaganda blitz designed to trick people into thinking that the elite are still in control.

Just like countless failed regimes did before lying down to die on the ash heap of history.
You want more details? Read the linked post; Niemeier's logic is sound, and he does link to supporting evidence. This is a good work of dialectical discourse, and he's reliable for that sort of approach to his posting. (And yes, you should read his posts on the publishing business as one of the independents out there; very informative of how it actually works.)

If you're into quality original Science Fiction, and you're finding what's on offer from the established publishers to be lame (or worse) lately, he's someone to follow- if he ain't writing something you like, then he probably knows someone that does.

Kairos delivers.

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