Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Blizzard, You Done Goofed: The Level 100 Boost Tutorial Video

The following video, for some reason I can only characterize as "Not even a good idea at the time." because it's such a stupid decision, is not listed; good luck searching for it. Once you finished watching it, you'll see why it was such a stupid decision.

Yes, this short video which tells you everything that you can expect from a feature they currently offer, is NOT LISTED.

You done goofed, Blizzard. This is information that people should be getting from you- not from anywhere else, not even well-trusted sites like WOWhead. Instead, they're getting it (and getting it wrong from) other sources. List the video, and get it on top of the search results ASAP; the foks pre-ordering World of Warcraft: Legion will probably find something else to scream at you for, but this? This is fixable in five minutes or less. Do it. NOW.

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