Monday, April 15, 2024

The Culture: The Power Is In The Hands Of The Users

Over the weekend, a certain British toy company did a dumb.

They are about to learn what FASA, Wizkids, and now Catalyst learned the hard way: You can make all the proclimations you want, have your shills cut videos about it all you want, but none of that matters because the authority over what is acceptable IS IN THE AUDIENCE'S HANDS!. Again, Razorfist explains.

The Tourists fundamentally fail to understand because they think taking over a corporate property is no different from stealing a car.

Instead, what's happening is that--like in OpenSource software--the audience are going to fork the property away from the Tourists and carry on. That's the difference between a property based on something you do (tabletop gaming) vs. one based on something you consume (film, TV, print media).

"We put in (THING YOU DON'T LIKE)!"

I don't have to accept it. I recognize that (CHANGE) is contrary to the core of the property, so I reject it as I recognize it for what it is. That and, well, as they say when they shill for their side:

As for my take I use the proper terminology to say so.

Because Heresy is Heresy, and being the owner/publisher/licensed agent does not give you a pass.

Far more wealthy, powerful, and influential corporations have tried and failed to do exactly the dumb that this British toy company just did. They won't succeed either.

Fork the thing. Spread the fork. Carry on. The Retroclone Movement in the OSR did this successfully years ago; it can and will work here and now.

Good luck stoping the signal when it comes from Dontfuckafuckinstan where the typical Lawfare doesn't work. We're global now.

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