Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Narrative Warfare: Crowdfunding As Heretical Indulgence Sales

The Pundit talks about the Death Cult in tabletop RPGs and how they actually--by behavior--view crowdfunding.

Dragon Award winning author Brian Niemeier consistently calls SJWs cultists adhering to a religion, specifically a Christian heresy, and without ever even knowing of this opinion the Pundit provides evidence supporting Brian's claim: Death Cultists use crowdfunding as a means of signalling adherance to the Cult.

Specifically, this works as a mixture of selling indulgences and tithing to the Church, this is how the Death Cult in the medium raise revenue (avoiding the need to abide by business principles), signal adherance (and thus being part of the Cult), and administering (very conditional) seals of approval. You want to know why "Get Woke, Go Broke" is a cope? You're looking at it: if they can't go directly to the Money Printer, they can--and do--suck it out of their own cultists, who are eager to provide.

Now you see why grifters flock to the Cult. A more ready, or more plentiful, source of suckers has not arisen in generations and due to other factors they often have plenty of cash. (How they well they succeed at being cynical grifters amidst True Believer culitsts remains to be seen.)

It doesn't matter if the widget on offer never materializes. What matters is that the backers get their Good Boy points for giving the money, and thereby stay on the tiger that they've chosen to ride. What matters is the fact that these cultists are sufficiently disfavored in the eyes of the wider cult to need to feed off the worshippers instead of sucking off the government directly or via a corporate middleman. That's a vulnerability that should be recognized and exploited.

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