Monday, March 1, 2021

My Life As A Gamer: Palladium Announces Anniversary Hardcovers

Palladium Books announced that they're putting out special limited edition hardcovers of select core rulebooks in their catalog. Below is the full list.

Most of the list isn't linked because the announcement didn't have them linked, so I expect that those will be added down the road when the online store is ready with proper listings.

The big ones here are the reprints of the 1st edition of Rifts and Beyond The Supernatural, the former of which presents a very different game from the current edition and all of the ridiculous cruft grafted into the original Occupations in addition to other violations of good technical manual practices.

It is unlikely that you will get another shot at such any form of hardcopy, but it is likely that they will still have copies on hand at the end of the year when they start offering Christmas Grab Bags. If you hold out until then, chances are good you can request one with a Grab Bag order at that time. If you're big into Palladium, this is a thing to consider picking up.

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  1. What does palladium fantasy add for a C&C type player? I looked at it new but didn't see a big improvement over what AD&D was offering to me. I had friends who swore it was the one true way.


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