Sunday, February 28, 2021

My Life As A Gamer: "Basic Fantasy" Now In Hardcover

I've posted previous about Basic Fantasy and its fantastic value for folks wanting to do D&D-style gaming dirt cheap. All of that is still valid, but now those that prefer hardcover over paperback with regard to hardcopy products have their wish fulfulled.

This new hardcover option sells for a dirt-cheap $13.08 in US Dollars. Consider how cheap that is compared to any other hardcover product in the category, and--as the link shows--you can buy it at Amazon so you can throw it in with your orders of compressed air for your PC maintenance, printer ink and paper to churn out hex maps, and dice to share with players.

And, as with the $5 paperbacks, this remains cheap enough to make any anxiety of your copy getting damaged or destroyed irrelevant; it's that cheap to replace it also. Chris Gonnerman remains one of the classiest men in the tabletop RPG scene, and that is why--even if his alt-D&D is not your preferred option--you should get what he puts out and you ought to have the Basic Fantasy site bookmarked.

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