Tuesday, January 21, 2020

My Life As A Gamer: When SJWs Reveal Their Work Is A Skinsuit

This came over my Twitter feed yesterday.

MarkyX here is doing a very basic thing: pointing out the hypocrisy of an SJW organization (Evil Hat, publisher of Fate of Cthulhu, the game in question) using the work of a man they defame and despise to generate material profit and score social credit and influence within their niche (tabletop RPGs).

This is very much an example of killing a thing and wearing its corpse as a skinsuit to conceal yourself as you go about your business. The most recent version of Vampire:The Masquerade did the same thing, with it being an example of an already left-leaning property (as White Wolf's properties were) into an outright SJW propaganda outlet. The SJWs at Wizards of the Coast have done the same to D&D, to a lesser degree.

Notice the lack of original properties for this purpose. Notice the lack of games based on "marginalized" creators' works, something that others have done (e.g. RPG Pundit and Arrows of Indra) And when called on it, they deflect immediately with rhetorical attacks meant to DARVO the critic into submission. That's the tell that this is about power using the Leftist device of the Frame Game as the means to seize and hold it.

And it relies on somehow avoiding the reality of market economics. The most honest, and ruthless, are down with crashing every endeavor they can- so long as they retain power over the properties in question. The rest cope-think, but all of them ultimately want to make a sinecure of their positions and thereby remove the market from the situation entirely; this is why (a) they want to destroy all competition via convergence and (b) seek to suck at the state's teat instead of do honest work satisfying customer demand.

And make no mistake, these SJWs in small niches hate you just as much--if not moreso--than those in bigger areas of the economy and culture. They still want you dead, and they still think it's both funny and justified. Death Cultists gotta Cult. And if you need confirmation, look at their social media bios; you'll see Muh Pronouns--the big red flag--as often as you breathe.

They hate you. Don't give money to them. Never buy their work digitally, and only buy used print copies if you have to have it at all.

As for why the SJWs in tabletop RPGs are so vicious, it's because they still cannot undermine the fundamental fact of the medium: it's built around decentralization, where the users form self-operating autonomous groups and the will of the designer and publisher cannot be enforced at the table. They want to change that so they can enforce their will, but so far have proven incompetent at the task; may it stay that way. Also, their games usually suck to play and that's another reason for the widespread rejection.

Non-SJW RPG publishers have held on because they don't make games that suck to play. Other gaming media are picking up on this, and the tide is turning, however slowly. But if you need a hope spot, here's Russian Badger talking up DOOM Eternal, and that does look as good as the 2016 game that preceded it.


  1. A question I've been wondering about for a while: is there a good way to tell which TTRPG companies don't hate us?

    1. What Last Redoubt said below is a good start: see how they treat anything not approved by their narrative, esp. European icons and American figures such as Howard.

      And if they start getting all preachy on morality, Witch Test them. They'll fail _every single time_.

  2. See what they say about european culture and icons who no longer are progressive enough (RAH, forex), or diversity, or whatever.

    FWIW - Alexander Macris, creator of ACKS, appears to be a decent guy

    1. Can confirm. Macris backed "Reavers". He's decent, so supporting his TRPG is worth it.

  3. I'm looking for a setting agnostic storytelling oriented rpg, that somewhat works like fate core. I was actually going for fate until I realized they're sjws.

    Note that I was not going to give them money, as I just planned to use their srd, but I actually want to have no part in promoting their products even by just using them. Do you have any suggestions for games like Fate Core made by reasonable people?

    1. I do not. Hit up The RPG Site and ask there: https://www.therpgsite.com/


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