Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Business: Author Sites As Core Business Element

"The Business of Writing" channel on YouTube is a good one for indie authors to follow as it addresses various parts of the indie author business. This episode covers something I'm taking more seriously this year: your online presence, specifically a website you own and control.

I do recommend giving this one a repeat viewing or listening--you're not missing anything if you just listen vs. watching--just in case you miss some details. This podcast is not one that goes into the weeds; this is practical implementation of proven practices. Caro--the guest--explains why you need to have your own site, and what you have to have on it to make it work as intended as well as maintain legal compliance.

Other things mentioned are good and practical advice for authors in specific niches or circumstances, such as blogging and newsletter styles varying by genre of audience. Carve out the time and give this your attention; then subscribe to the channel and look through the backlog. This is a great resource of free information by people who are putting it, successfully, into practice.

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