Saturday, July 14, 2018

My Life a Gamer: The Pundit on the "Equal Time" Fraud

The RPG Pundit is back with a third video in his series on the lies Fake Gamers Tell You. Watch and learn.

Jeffro Johnson's take mirrors my own, so I won't repeat the substance of his post; click through the link, read it, and come back.

There's something a lot of the naysayers to Real D&D and Real Gaming miss: doing things the Old School way is simpler, easier, and far more accessible to normies than Fake Gaming could ever be. The reason? It's built to be popular entertainment, and popular entertainment doesn't deal in catering to snowflake bullshit. Be it Literary Realism, Hipster Nihilism, or Muh Storytelling the rot is the same and so is the effect: to take something with popular appeal and closing it off into a ghetto for degenerates.

The murder of the pulps in the 1940s, the installation of the gatekeepers in the 1980s, the SJWs in the last decade- all following that same pattern. Pervert it, close it off, gatekeep for freaks and failures until the degeneracy is normalized and then use that thing to spread the disease.

No wonder the SJWs hate the fact that fandoms are not so easily converged without first integrating them heavily with centralized institutions (conventions and publishers for SF/F, comics, and gaming); without some form of central command-and-control you can't do the takeover and make it stick- the real deal always escapes and rises again.

So not only is what they tell you wrong, they're outright lying to you to sucker you into fronting for them. Fake Gaming is nothing more than a front for the Death Cult, just like what you see with Scientology. That's yet another reason to kick the crooks turning tabletop RPGs (especially D&D) into a fake lifestyle brand to the curb, and then shut their own gates behind them to keep them out.

Gaming--in all media--must become explicitly and avowedly anti-SJW, for its own good, or it's done.

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