Sunday, July 15, 2018

Narrative Warfare: The Fake Gamer Tell

Tonight on the Metro City Boys podcast, the crew (with a very special guest), they got on the topic of watching vs. doing in gaming. It came up here and there, so I'm just embedding the episode.

There's a difference between watching someone else play a game, and playing a game. The latter makes you a gamer. The former is just you watching a gamer get their game on. If you are one of these retarded Rhesus monkeys claiming that you don't have to play games to be a gamer (or, similarly, that watching someone else do it means that you did it), you are a Fake Gamer.

Skin in the Game, folks. The real deal has it. The fakes don't. It's one of the most reliable tells around across the board. Anyone that says you can be a gamer without playing games is lying to you, and likely has something worse in mind for you and for gaming, so punt that fucker to the curb.

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