Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Razorfist: Hollywood Was Always Red - A Rant

Razorfist spends 30 minutes explaining how what you've been told about McCarthy, Hollywood, and Communist entryism is wrong.

You got lied to.

Fixing this blatant fraud in the historical record will take at least a generation, and that's assuming that Civilization doesn't collapse first. As good as Razorfist is here, consider this:

  • If Hollywood was always Red, then how Red was the entertainment business before Hollywood became one of the axis of Western media influence? Plenty, because they came from New York City- and if you think the media outlets there are bad, you don't know how long or how deep the rot goes. Start comparing QuQu's video on SF getting taken by them to Hollywood's rise and you'll start seeing how Red they've been.
  • If Hollywood was always Red, then how Red was American politics? Worse than you think, and for longer. The Communist presence in the union scene goes on far longer than that of Organized Crime, and the use of grievance-based politics just as long; entering a scene, taking it over and weaponizing it to further Party goals looks to be standard procedure since the 19th Century.
  • If Hollywood was always Red, then how Red were its overseas counterparts? Have you seen pre-WW2 European film?
  • If Hollywood was always Red, then why is it not obvious that the very media we rely upon to record and transmit our history would not to a Treehouse job and deliberately mistranslate the truth and the facts to conform to the Narrative?

It's bad. Very bad. If they lied about what is clearly in their self-interest to full-title bullshit us, then what else have they lied to us about? (Everything.) They are truly of their sire, the Father of Lies, and should be handled accordingly.

Just as you should not trust the mainstream news media, neither should you patronize the entertainment mainstream. They hate you; stop giving them money. Give to the alternatives instead; get your news and entertainment from people that aren't pozzed, that did not drink the demon's blood, and will not lie to your or hate you. Take your own side, for God's sake!

You'll get a chance to do just that later this week here. Stay tuned.

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