Monday, June 4, 2018

Narrative Warfare: Replacing Culture is an Act of Conquest

Before I went to bed I got on Twitter and began this thread.

This came after I got a thank-you note from Alexander Macris. He went over to Empire Must Fall, where he read this post I wrote back in January of this year about The Last Jedi.

Both of which, in a bit of synchronicity, came after the last Darkstream of the past week:

Now the SJW methodology comes into focus.

Conquest of another nation has two things done to cement the gains: replacing the conquered nation with the conquerors' own, and replace the conquered's mythology with the conqueror's own.

What SJWs realized that, of the two, the latter is far more powerful so long as it's done quietly enough, for long enough, to accomplish most of it before being discovered. Hence the use of Narrative Warfare, and the need to have a stranglehold on media; this is how they're doing the conquest of the West and the destruction of Civilization.

And now you see why there's so much blather about the Internet and slapping controls on it. They're losing narrative control, and they aren't in control of the orc hordes so they're nervous about unleashing them, hence we get half-measures and gaslighting that only undermines what influence they've got. (Expect more financial fuckery to come next.)

It's the culture, folks. Secure that and the politics follows; everything else that needs to be done stems from this vital need.

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  1. Bradford,

    I think it's more insidious. Ever since Gramcsi hit upon the strategy to use the Church's means to transform Western civ for their purposes, the social justice cretins are imitating incultruation.

    Unfortunately, whereas the Church sought out the good in pagan cultures and incorporated them in Western civ, the social justice guys do the opposite. To find the bad in all cultures and incorporate in their anti-civilization.

    The results are catastrophic and the social justice guys are totally bewildered at the failure and so like viral vectors, they keep seeking out other healthy civilizations to destroy until there's nothing left



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